Bay City, TX


Trusted Lawyer in Bay City, TX

Never enter a legal conference or courtroom without the backing of a Bay City, TX, lawyer. The staff at Hayes & Pendergraft specializes in property and contract law. At our office, every case receives personalized attention to ensure it's handled properly.

Our office offers a flat rate for initial consultations. We have reasonable rates to ensure you always have access to qualified local representation. From the smallest property transaction to the biggest corporate merger, our capable, professional staff has the work ethic and positive attitude to handle it all. We can help you pull together:

  • Complex land deals
  • Required corporate filings
  • Wills and trusts
  • Probate issues

Every area business eventually needs the help of a Bay City, TX, lawyer. Ask our friendly staff about our flexible appointment scheduling. Hayes & Pendergraft is a Texas board certified law office specializing in farm and ranch real estate law. Visit us today for a comprehensive consultation covering all your needs.